How IPL treatments can go wrong.

What are IPL treatments?

IPL treatments are treatments that use light at very high densities to remove hair, acne, pigmentation, scarring on skin, broken capillaries that are noticeable on the skin and birth marks etc.

IPL treatments can be similar to Laser Treatments only they may be cheaper in comparison.

When deciding to use these methods for any reason, take absolute care to do your research before you make a choice of what clinics are offering you. Don’t make the mistake that these people in this open forum have made.

A lot of individuals, who have perfectly clear skin, sometimes fall into using desperate measures when they see a pimple form, or they were just looking through Cosmo and saw a gorgeous model who has divine skin (that has had Photoshop applied).

There are natural methods to achieve gorgeous skin. Just do your research!

De Soie Aust


Dead skin cells feed millions of bugs!!

Microscopic organisms such as mites live in our beds, pillows, clothing etc. and feed off our dead skin!! Yuk!! These bugs can cause serious health issues for humans such as asthma, and allergies. These conditions can then cause sleep depression and instil a lethargic attitude!

Most individuals may keep these bugs at bay by cleaning bedsheets, carpets, clothing regularly. However, one thing that people tend to neglect is their skin. It is the dead skin cells that these bugs feed on, but people do not remove their dead skin cells from their body. So in essence they haven’t solved their problem at all.

The most effective method of dead skin cell removal is the De Soie Exfoliating glove. When used you will see the dead skin cells roll off your body!! Leaving you with replenished skin!! Try it today! Purchases can be made from or or

Buy one today and get rid of the bugs once and for all!!

To read more about these terrible dust mites go to                  

Have a stunning tan this summer and make it last

Tans can be quite difficult to maintain. Especially  spray tans. There is nothing worse than having an uneven tan, or a blotchy looking tan.

As the weather warms up, we tend to shape up for the summer ahead. We begin to exercise, drink plenty of water and replenish our tan! We like to look our best and make an impression that lasts.

Before you start  spray tanning, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin. De Soie is the best method to use for your exfoliation needs. When you use a De Soie, the dead skin comes away in rolls, right before your eyes. You see the rejuvenation taking place. Not an inch of your body can be missed when exfoliating with this product. Thus, encouraging an even tan that actually lasts longer! Try it, you’ll be amazed!

Silky, smooth skin is now at our fingertips!

De Soie ( pronounced De Swa ) is a French term which means of silk or from silk.

Revert back to nature & use one of Mother Earth’s most exquisite materials. Originally designed & created for royalty; this method has been around for thousands of years & merely forgotten.

Made from 100% Floss Silk (Floss Silk is twisted silk which maintains a loose, downy character) & using a patented weave. De Soie exfoliating mitt is uniquely designed to articulate & achieve superior results in skin rejuvenation the natural way.

De Soie will play a greater role in your life than just exfoliate your skin. It will revitalise your mind, body & soul!

Recharge your body’s natural electro-magnetic field with the effects and benefits of silk.

You may not know it yet, but you will experience ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation, opulence & Silky Smooth Skin that everyone will visibly see & envy.

Use it today & your body will yearn for more!

Blend in with nature & be prepared to show the world your natural glow.

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